Requirements for establishing a Training Institution

  1.  An animal health course or a veterinary medicine course shall be offered in a registered institution or in a faculty of veterinary medicine.
  2. An institution desiring to offer courses of training leading to the award of animal health degree, diploma or certificate,  or degree of Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine shall after being registered by the relevant body, apply to the Board for approval by submitting an application form in accordance with Form 38(a) set out in the First Schedule.
  3. A person or institution shall not offer training in Animal Health or Veterinary Medicine unless they are registered by the Board.
  4. An institution or person shall offer training courses in Animal Health or Veterinary Medicine using the  curriculum approved by the Board.
  5. The Board shall, on receipt of the application under sub-regulation (2), inspect the institution and if satisfied that it conforms to standards specified under these Regulations and upon payment of the requisite fees, approve the institution for the courses proposed.
  6. The Board shall inspect approved training institutions from time to time.
  7. The Board shall, in every five years, inspect institutions for purposes of approval.