Currently the Board has four committees for the performance of its functions.  From time to time the Board may form ad hoc committees to tackle a specific task. The committees and their ToRs are listed below:

     1. Finance, Strategy and Administration 

  • Development and overseeing implementation of the Board Human Resource Policies
  • Development and overseeing implementation of the Board Finance Policies
  • Development and overseeing implementation of the Board Procurement Policies
  • Board Project Management
  • Budgeting 
  • Overseeing any other administrative function


      2. Inquiries and Disciplinary Committee (IDC)

  • Guiding implementation of the Code of Professional Ethics.
  • Implementation in full part VI Section 34-37 of the VSVP Act.
  • Handling all disciplinary matters under the jurisdiction of KVB and giving recommendations to the Board on action to be taken on each case.
  • To propose the amendments or reviews to strengthen the VSVP Act and VSVP Regulations. 


     3. Technical Committee on Education and Quality Assurance (TeCeQa)

  • Develop and Review evaluation tools for all Animal Health training institutions.
  • Develop and Review minimum curriculum content for the various cadres of Animal Health courses e.g. Certificate, Diploma, Degree, BVM etc.
  • Develop guidelines for setting up veterinary consultant colleges.
  • Recommend for accreditation or otherwise, institutions already training Animal Health courses or those yet to begin training.
  • Organize interviews or examinations for foreigners who want temporary permits or Kenyans who trained in Animal Health institutions       not recognized by KVB.
  • Oversee Continuous Professional Development (CPD) matters.
  • Consider any other matter related to training in animal health.
  • Generally implement Part II Section 7 and Part IV Section 29 of VSVP Act. 
  • Any other function relevant to this committee


     4. Audit, Risk and Compliance Committee

  • Financial audit
  • Governance audit
  • Risk mitigation
  • Any other function relevant to audit and risk management