Standards for Veterinary Clinical Center

A veterinary clinical centre shall satisfy the following minimum standards:

  1. Cleanliness, impervious walls and paved floors which are easy to clean and disinfect;
  2. Sufficient natural light supported by adequate artificial lighting;
  3. Clean protective equipment;
  4. Clean well groomed personnel;
  5. Facility for containment of micro-organisms and adequate protection against dissemination of diseases to personnel and animals;
  6. Instrument sterilizer;
  7. Facility for proper disposal of all waste materials such as incinerators or secure soak pits;
  8. Provision for proper disposal of unclaimed dead patients (on or off site);
  9. Sufficient ventilation and freedom from noxious odours;
    • sufficient species-specific restraining facilities;
    • sufficient refrigeration and storage facilities;
    • basic diagnostic and medical equipment including: thermometers, stethoscope, microscopes, surgical kit,lockable medicine kit, sampling tools and equipment;
    • implementation of occupational health and safety Act in the work place;
    • records of;
      1. Patient information;
      2. Diseases encountered;
      3. Mortalities;
      4. Inventory and stores;
      5. Veterinary certificates which shall include the full name and signature of the attending veterinary surgeon, Kenya.
      6. Veterinary Board registration number, the address, the full identification of the patient in terms of the name, species, sex, colour, age and any identification device number on the patient, date of vaccination/ examination, and the generic and trade name of the vaccine used, batch number and the expiry date and manufacturer; and any other record prescribed by the Board.