Standards for Advertisement of Veterinary Services

  1. Advertisements for services by veterinary surgeons, veterinary paraprofessionals and veterinary practices shall –
    • Conform to the veterinary code of ethics.
    • Only comprise information that is enriching the clients’ knowledge in animal health care.
    • Not solicit for clients.
    • Be scientifically factual.
    • Not be an endorsement of a veterinary surgeon, veterinary paraprofessional, veterinary product or service.
  2. A veterinary surgeon or veterinary paraprofessional shall display at each place at which they practice a sign bearing:
    • The name of the veterinary surgeon or veterinary paraprofessional;
    • The qualification as recorded in the register of veterinary surgeons, veterinary paraprofessionals or specialists;
    • The name, professional details and duration of visit of any foreign veterinary surgeon,
    • The hours of service.
  3. A sign displayed at a veterinary premises may be illuminated by a light of constant intensity without causing an irritation to the general public;
  4. A veterinary surgeon or veterinary paraprofessional whose premises are in a shopping complex or other place where a directory of tenants is provided may display on that directory a sign indicating that the veterinary surgeon or veterinary paraprofessional has a practice in that place;
  5. An advertisement shall not contain any non-academic nominals.
  6. Advertising in any telephone book, directory, website or other place or medium shall be accurate and shall comply with the standards set out in this Act.