KVB Committees

The Veterinary Surgeons & Veterinary Para-professionals Act 29 of 2011 in Part II Section 10 (1) allows the Kenya Veterinary Board (KVB) to establish such standing or ad hoc committees as it may deem necessary for the performance of its functions and the exercise of its powers under the Act. Section 10 (2) further allows the Board to delegate to any committee of the Board the exercise of any of the powers or the performance of any of the functions or duties of the Board under the Act.

Towards this end the Board has constituted the following committees:-


  1. Technical Committee on Education and Quality Assurance (TeCEQA)
    • Dr. Jafred Kitaa – Chairman
    • Dr. Esther Ngethe – Vice Chairperson
    • Dr. Francis Gakuya
    • Mr. Benson Ameda
    • Prof. Ndichu Maingi
    • Prof. William Ogara
    • Prof. Charles Muleke
  2. Inquiries and Disciplinary Committee (IIDC)
    • Dr. Francis Gakuya – Chairman
    • Dr. Esther Ngethe – Vice Chairperson
    • Ms. Terry Gathagu
    • Dr. Lucy Mangony
    • Mr. Paul Ndung’u
    • Dr. Alice Kivinya
  3. Communication, Partnership, Resource Mobilization Committee
    • Dr. Alice Kivinya – Chairman
    • Dr. Obadiah Njagi
    • Dr. Nicholas Muyale
    • Dr. Samuel Kahariri
    • Mr. Queereenuse Pacho
    • Mr. Abdiwahab A. Abdi
    • Dr. Joseph Othieno
  4. Finance and Administration Committee
    • Prof. Ndichu Maingi – Chairman
    • Mr. Paul Ndungu
    • Dr. Jafred Kitaa
    • Mr. Abdiwahab A. Abdi
    • Mrs Loice Abukutsa
    • Ms Elizabeth Nzioka
    • Mr. David Abuoro
  5. Internal Audit and Risk Management Committee
    • Mr. Benson Ameda – Chairman
    • Dr. Mary Lucy Mongony
    • Dr. Nicholas Muyale
    • Dr. Samuel Kahariri
    • Mrs Janet Nyange
    • Mr. Queerenuse Pacho
    • Mr. Makeni Thomas