What is CPD?
Activities or programs that provide added value to the capability of Veterinary Surgeons or Veterinary Para-Professionals through enhancement of knowledge, skills and personal qualities for appropriate execution of the veterinary profession

Who should go for CPD?
· Veterinary Surgeons
· Veterinary Para-Professionals

Why CPD?
· Enhancement of the competence of veterinary professionals
· Fulfilment of the Veterinary Surgeons and Veterinary Para-Professionals Act 2011 requirement

How does one acquire CPD Credit points?
· Formal study for additional qualifications
· Short training and organizational activities
· Professional involvement in professional associations, committees etc
· Publication of scholarly articles in journals and book chapters.
· Mentorship of students and interns.
· Community service e.g extension activities among others.

How does one show acquisition of required Credit Points (Cps)?
· Keep records of all CPD activities attended in the prescribed format.
· Submit records to KVB.