Core Functions

The Core functions of the Board are:-

  1. Advise the Government on matters relating to veterinary training, research, practice and employment, the use of veterinary medicines, poisons and the pesticides and other issues relating to animal welfare;
  2. Prescribe courses of training for veterinary surgeons and veterinary para-professionals;
  3. Approve institutions for the training of veterinary surgeons and various categories of veterinary para-professionals;
  4. Consider and approve the qualifications of the various categories of veterinary para-professionals for the purposes of registration.
  5. Register, license, control and regulate veterinary practice and veterinary laboratories, clinics, animal hospitals and animal welfare institutions.
  6. Formulate and publish a code of ethics for all registered persons;
  7. Ensure the maintenance and improvement of the standards of practice by the registered persons;
  8. Assess human resource and necessary training programs to guarantee sound and efficient veterinary service delivery and advise the relevant Ministries accordingly.
  9. Create an inspectorate to work in collaboration with law enforcement agencies to locate, inspect, and close down premises or ambulatory clinics operated contrary to the practices prescribed in the Act, and take legal action against the offenders;
  10. Regulate the use of technology for purposes of animal breeding.