The number of Veterinary Surgeons in Kenya is small. There are just over 2000 Veterinary Surgeons who are registered by the Kenya Veterinary Board. The main role of Veterinary Surgeons include to safeguard animal health, welfare and public health.

The career choices open to Veterinary Surgeons include:-

Clinical Private Practice
This involves the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of animal diseases including pets, farm animals, and wildlife. Kenya has a rapidly growing number of pets (small animals-Dogs & Cats) and farm animals (cows, pigs, poultry, etc). Many Veterinary Surgeons choose to restrict their practice to small animals or large/food animals others have mixed practices which take care of all animals.

Civil service
The Government remains the single largest employer of Veterinary Surgeons in Kenya. The government Veterinary Surgeons main duty is formulating veterinary policy and protecting public health.

Teaching and Research
Veterinary Surgeons play a leading role in disease research. Research is carried out within universities and other specialized research bodies within and outside the country

Other opportunities.
Other employers of Veterinary Surgeons include the pharmaceutical industry, feed manufacturers, NGOs, Animal Welfare Organizations, Kenya Wildlife Service, Food Processors, Farm Practice and Management, etc .